About the Artist


I'm an artist, singer, songwriter, violinist, and activist living in Raleigh, North Carolina.

I moved here in 1993, and a year after that I joined Whiskeytown and began a pretty incredible hayride. Since then, I've released three acclaimed solo albums, a duets album with Thad Cockrell, two albums with the super-girl-group Tres Chicas, an EP with The Small Ponds, and released an album of original protest music with the NC Music Love Army. 

There have been great reviews and accolades, and I've had the great fortune to perform and record alongside a great many noteworthy artists, many of them my friends as well as my heroes.  Click on the links below to investigate.

In recent years I've turned a great deal of my focus toward work on my visual art, and in July I began a six-month residency at Artspace, a downtown studio collective and arts education organization. I'm spending days (and nights) creating fabric collage I call "Needle Print" and I hope you'll check out my work. And if you find yourself in Raleigh, by all means come visit!



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